I have the best clients and love to hear from them so if you’d like to leave a few words or a testimonial, please feel free to do so. Thanks!


– Janice G 6/7/2022

“Carol is fantastic! I can’t believe how accurate she was on everything. If you want a reading, call Carol. You definitely won’t go wrong!”

– Semira 6/4/2022

“I had my first reading and it was awesome experience and I will definitely do it again and refer Carol as well. She was spot on about a lot of my life events.”

– Lisa 12/1/2021

“Carol is the best! I have been going to Carol since 2019 and she has been spot on with my readings! I am so surprised when my readings actually happened. She is the only one I trust to read for me.”

– Carrie 5/5/2021

“Not only is Carol EXCELLENT at what she does, but she’s become a staple in my crazy life! I may not understand what she means right away but boy oh boy do I find out! She is so friendly and kind too. You’ll love her and keep coming back for more.”

– Nikki 4/30/2021

“My reading with Carol was absolutely amazing and mind blowing! She was so spot on with everything that I had to call her back just to tell her she was right! After our first reading together I have even reached out to her to help me find lost items and she guided me to them! I book a reading with her twice a month and have never been disappointed!”

– Rich F 04/27/2021 4/28/2021

“Never had a reading before I was totally amazed!!! Very accurate. Carol will be my personal reader from now on. I recommend her you will not regret it. Prices were very reasonable ????”

– Melissa S 12/2/2020

“Carol has been consistently accurate every time I have a reading, and she is always responsive! I recommend her 100%. You will be happy with her reading.”

– Pascale Barnes 11/4/2020

“Carol has been accurately doing my readings for 10 yrs now!!! All of my readings has been on point. I love her energy it’s all positive. Great energy is everything while doing readings. I get a reading 1x per month she that amazing. Go carol ?? ? ??”

– Gina W 10/26/2020

“Carol is absolutely amazing and accurate. It was really nice to be able to get a phone reading .I will definitely be calling again!”

– Casey 10/26/2020

“If you have missed placed anything and can’t find it any where Carol is the lady for you she has helped me find all kinds of different things and her reading are always spot on too”

– Gina W 10/26/2020

“Carol is absolutely amazing and accurate. It was nice to be able to have a reading over the phone . I will definitely call her back again!!!”

– Ali F 8/14/2018

“Carol is always spot on with every reading we have. The comfort she brings to my mother and I is always healing. We’ve been seeing her for 5 years now and she has never stirred us wrong. She truly is a blessing.”

– Hazel 8/8/2018

“Carol is so spot on about what she sees it’s spooky in a good way. So that’s why she brings an assurance.. Almost a relaxed confidence through her readings about where we are headed… Why things seem the way they are… And just a bit of peace of mind. I will not be needing any other psychic but her. Thanks Carol”

– Sasha H. 6/5/2018

“I’ve been seeing Carol for advice about the future since 2008. Everything she’s told me has come to fruition. If not right away, the details would usually make sense within a week or two. I used to visit her as often as once a month! Carol is very great at what she does, and I refuse to see anyone else for any readings. She’s given advice based on what’s come through, given clarity on what’s going on with my life, and has given me priceless messages from my father who passed away. I highly recommend Carol to any and everyone!”